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  In2it is an innovative an inspiring Pop Rock Music Artist known for captivating listeners with uniquely enriched tones and catchy melodic songs.
   In 2009, musician, singer/songwriter and bassist  Russ Crowley, got together with Guitarist/songwriter and good friend, Kenny Hausmann, to form the pop rock acoustic duo Pop Star Novelty. Russ and Kenny worked together at the same job in their home town of  Buffalo, New York and became good friends very quickly. When they discovered that both of them were musicians, they decided to get together and take a shot at starting a band. Despite their very different musical backgrounds, they found common ground rather quickly. They mutually realized that due to their different musical interests, the songs they were writing together were unique, and a special musical bond was formed.
    After spending the better part of 2009 working on writing tunes for what hoped to be a new Pop Rock band, Russ and Kenny could not gain any ground struggling to find a drummer. Eager to establish something, and continue to grow as a musician, Russ proposed the idea to Kenny about transitioning their band into an acoustic duo. They then purchased their acoustic instruments, went to work, and didn't look back. Pop Star Novelty evolved from acoustic duo, to a full sound Pop Rock band. They were able to achieve their goal after discovering backing track technology and new sound equipment. They have went from a coffee house type acoustic duo, and performing at and hosting opening mics, to a Pop Rock Concert Act now called "In2it", Quickly establishing a strong following.

In October of 2018, Kenny accepted a job offer out of state therefore leaving the group. After an attempt to replace Kenny and continue on with In2it as a duo, Russ decided to continue moving forward with In2it as a solo Artist. Luckily, the music has flourished under Russ's full direction, and Russ and Kenny remain good friends. In2it music and it's popularity is growing everyday, reaching and capturing the ears and hearts of music lovers all around the world. With the latest release, the A Slice of Life - EP,  the sky is the limit. Russ Crowley is building a legacy with In2it music that will inspire, instill hope, help conquer our demons, and keep the flame of passion for our Love for music burning forever.  


New Release! Available on August 13th, 2021 on this site, and at the links below